How is Balloon Chain different from other art installations?

We use the open sky as a canvas bringing a unique ambiance to every event.

It beautifully interacts with nature (the wind.) And anyone can be a part of it! It is always anchored to a Balloon Chain expert, which allows the chain to be passed around.

Can you just attach the chain to an object or do you have to hold it?

The chain is held at all times for 2 reasons: so that it can be interactive and in case it has to be moved quickly due to wind direction changes. Also, we wouldn’t want someone to just walk off with it (although they would be very easy to find!)

Is Balloon Chain dangerous?

We take many precautions to make this project safe – from communicating with the FAA (air traffic) so that flight paths are safely detoured to keeping a close eye on weather and wind speed. Also, our rigs have been tried-and-tested using very strong and reliable materials.

How long can the balloons stay afloat?

It depends on the weather and the terrain, but usually about 12 hours.

How much space do you need?

We can adjust our display to fit any area, but the most impressive chains are created in large open areas free of any obstacles like power lines, cell towers, thick trees, etc.

Is the planet running out of helium?

Yes. As most helium is used in industrial processes, making art out of it is okay by us! We use a small amount to make something beautiful for so many people to enjoy.

Is Balloon Chain harmful to the environment?

For the enormous impact that this project makes, our trash is very minimal. We reuse all of our LEDs and batteries. Our fishing line is sent to Berkley Fishing in Iowa to get recycled into park benches, toys, tackle boxes, etc. All that is left is the balloon waste which can fit into a ziplock freezer bag.